Home Inspection – A First Time Home Buyer’s Best Tool

A home inspection may be one of the best tools available to first time buyers. It provides you with more than just the okay to purchase the house. In fact, all owners of the property should be present for this walk through. It will not only provide you with information about the condition of the property, but also give you valuable advice about owning and maintaining it. Chances are good you do not know the previous owner, nor what the property has gone through during its lifetime. This type of walk through gives you that information.

Hire the Right Company First Counts

The first step in the process is to hire a qualified, professional company to handle the home inspection. This way, you have a responsible party to trust that has the information and resources you need to make a wise decision about the property. Family and friends, while informative, cannot give you that non-prejudice advice. Rather, hire a company to work for you through this process. That way, you get an expert’s point of view that you know is going to be thorough.

What to Learn from the Provider

There are some things that you can count on a home inspection teaching you about the property. such as the overall condition of the house. However, you should ask questions even if it is not a concern about some things. Here are some things to think about.

• The age of the roof and the length of life left in it – not only do you want to know where the potential leaks are, but also when you may need to replace it.

• The age and condition of the heating and cooling of the property – ensure it has a long life left, has been maintained and that there are no major problems with the system.

• The landscape – you are not looking for aesthetics here, but rather foundation problems, the way the land slopes (away from the house hopefully) and any potential problems with sewers.

• The presence of insects – this may not be as easy for you to spot as it is for the professional. However, you want to know if there are any potential problems, especially termites or other destructive creatures.

• The potential of water in the basement – a wet basement may not look wet and only a professional can spot this in some home inspections. However, this is critical to point out.