Time Tracking Tool for Home-based Employees and Freelancers

Time tracking tool is designed not only for companies that require an improvement to the efficiency of their employees, but it is also intended for freelance workers who hope to lighten some of their burdens on project management, tax preparation, invoice creation, among others. It is really well suited for companies with small to large team of employees and soloists as well.

Primarily, time trackers can help you budget your time while working at home. Often, because you are already at home doing all your work, you tend to forget to attend to other necessary tasks. You sit on your work area all day that you completely dismiss other equally important chores or activities. Did you forget you have kids to attend to? Have you prepared lunch already? Did you even take your breakfast? Are you still in your pajamas? Did you forget that you have an invitation for lunch?

Losing track of time is understandable especially if you’re glued to your computer screen, blazing through all what’s needed to be done and submitted. If you find it hard to be mindful of how you spend your time working at home, then a time tracking tool is your best tool.

You may have this preconceived thought that it is only a waste of money. This is so not true. It is, in fact, giving value to your money because a lot of testimonies show that their productivity significantly increase and they are able to manage their time better. They realize that they can have enough time for work, to socialize, to attend to their family and even do some household chores like cleaning the house, washing the dishes, cooking, helping kids on their assignments and others.

Others are also hesitant because they think it’s hard to maneuver. Definitely not! There are a lot of time trackers available that have user-friendly features. Some even come with tutorial videos to guide you through.