Build a Home Wind Generator With Power for Home

The demand of alternative sources of energy has risen considerably in the last few years, corresponding to a progressive awareness of the threat of global warming. Wind has always been used as a source of power generated by windmills. But now it is considered to be an effective source of power at homes as well. The inherent speed of the wind has a kinetic energy which is tapped and converted to electricity. This process is done through a wind turbine, a machine that uses rotational motion to generate power. If you think that building a wind turbine at home is a difficult task, you need to have a look at the Power4Home guide to make a home wind generator.

In order to produce electricity form wind energy the wind needs to be of a certain speed. You will be better off if you stay at a place which is windy all through the year. Also, the area where you stay has to have a fair amount of open space so that the wind is not blocked or its speed is not hindered by any structure whatsoever. Once you have ensured these criteria, you can resort to building your own wind generator with the help of Power4Home.

Making a home wind generator need not be an expensive process. The tools and equipment that you require for this are quite simple. If you have Power4Home to guide you through the process, you are likely to get your own power supplier sooner than you think!

What Do You Need?

To construct a wind generator, a device that can successfully convert wind energy to electricity, you need the following:

o A bicycle frame made of steel
o A treadmill motor
o Zip ties
o 2 liter pop bottles made of plastic

With ingredients as basic as these you can start off in your endeavor to make your home wind generator. You can get hold of most pf these in your garage or from a store that sells spare parts. As far as the treadmill motor is concerned, you can look for it in trash containers outside colleges or you can run a search for the same on the Web. It shouldn’t be too difficult to obtain a treadmill motor. When you have all these items at your disposal you can start with the actual process of making a home wind generator. Power4Home will be your constant guide.

How Do You Make a Wind Generator at Home?

Building a wind turbine at home is not as daunting a task as it may seem. Once you understand the concept and the principle on which it works, you will be able to do it pretty easily. Basically there is a shaft that is rotated by propellers to convert the kinetic energy of the wind into electricity. The crux is to fix the shaft in a way that it is easily moved by the speed of the wind. For this you need to place the turbine at a stipulated height, preferably on a tower so that it is completely exposed to the wind. The higher you place the turbine, the more electricity you produce. Let’s have a quick look at how you can make the wind generator: