Can I Build a Home Power Generation Product With Just A Pair Of Pliers?

There is a striking abundance of alternative energy resources on the market. In fact, I found an absolute swarm of alternative energy companies selling alternative energy home generation programs. I am happy to find that so many are taking home power generation seriously. I am less than happy to see so many who have no idea what they need in order to succeed in the project.

I was totally inundated with lots of hype and lots and lots and lots of slick advertising. Any thinking person must wonder if any of these sellers are really sincere in wanting to provide real alternative energy solutions.

I realize that this has been a really fine hobby for a number of years but now what is striking is the large number of people wanting serious products for serious uses. More and more people are understanding that the energy transition is coming and coming soon.

We’re not building model cars here; this is a serious subject with serious needs. Let’s get into it:

Most of the advertising I found seemed to promote the idea that you could build a project such as this with just a screwdriver and a pair of pliers. It doesn’t take a lot of technical skill and knowledge but you do need some basic skills along with a few tools.

OK, put the beer away and get serious as this is a serious subject with serious consequences for foolishness.

Let’s start with diagrams. Your should be able to simply and with understanding read a device blueprint and an electrical diagram. If you don’t, you can get this knowledge fairly quickly and easily as this is not rocket science (though your friends will probably think so when you build a successful project).

You are going to be putting together electrical components. You are going to need to be able to solder together electrical connections on things like:

1. switches

2. diodes

3. transistors

4. resistors.

We’re not talking about just being able to stick things together. I mean a really good, solid electrical connection.

I know you’re probably thinking that this is just junior high stuff. But think, how long has it been since you have soldered a good, competent connection. If it’s been awhile, get a new solder gun and practice, practice, practice. A good solid connection is important. Then again, maybe you never did anything like this. Don’t worry. Just remember: Practice does not make perfect. Practice makes habit, not perfect. If you practice a hundred times and get it wrong each time, it’s still wrong. Lots of people have the ability to know a good solder joint when they see one. Have someone grade your work. And test.

This is not something to just blow off, saying it will be ok. It’s not. Do it right. Knowledge and competency can come in a fairly short. time. Do it. It is for your family’s welfare. Do it right. The first time.

Your will need to be able to read a multi-meter precisely. Again, it’s not rocket science. The person at Radio Shack can show you and they are not expensive. A little practice and you will be ready for the door.

I realize that some people will actually buy a project and not do it correctly and then it will not operate successfully. Then these same people will blame the seller of the project. I understand that. It also could happen that the buyer will not obtain the simple skills I mentioned earlier. I understand that also. I also understand that the buyer and his buddies might build with the aid and support of a few cases of beer. I get that also. I really do. But I also understand that the web is absolutely filled with scams. Some of which the sellers know perfectly well that their products do not function and lose all interest once they get your money. I know that for sure.