Considering Magnetic Home Use Generators To Save On Electricity Bills

If you’re looking to purchase, loan or even build a generator for home or business use, do consider getting a magnetic generator. It is not as daunting or difficult as many deem it to be, calling it a high school science project. I will admit, it does and is a scientific project, but let us take a look at it this way – this project has a very good purpose and chance of using a freely available magnetic forces to generate low cost electricity for you.

The parts required to build the magnetic generator are easily procured from your local hardware and DIY stores, even the supporting tools will be found easily too. Speak to the DIY shop owners, or look for the magnetic generator enthusiasts, or find detailed manuals on building the device online – you would be surprised at the amount of information available to you. One thing though, do not be daunted with the scientific requirements – if you can read and follow simple instructions, you are good to go.

It can be a relatively simple project that you can get your spouse, kids and friends to participate in (it’s that safe) and your whole family or business partners stands to gain financially from it. Basically, here’s how the generator magnetic for the home works – using two magnets, both with ends of North and South. North repels North, North attracts South and vice versa. Place in a continuum that is circular, their interaction can cause a free-fall never-cascading effect, possibly to run perpetually.

Smaller areas can be powered by smaller generators that are magnetic, such as home use generators, but likewise, larger and stronger devices are required for larger spaces.

The initial savings of electricity depends on which day of the month you start using it, and on which day of the month the electrical company bills you, so first month savings can vary. However, a full 30 days of using the home use generator usually save owners anything from 10 – 50%, depending on your personal or business electrical consumption. There is a significant number of owners reporting saying goodbye to their local electrical companies, and in some rarer still, reports cases where they sold back the excess in electricity supply to them.

Of course, all is dependent on how much electricity your home or business consumes, how much you generate from your home use magnetic generators, and magnet strength.